You already know that President Trump has formally recognized Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, recognized Israeli sovereignty of the Golan Heights, signed the Taylor Force Act into law, and withdrawn from the disastrous Iran nuclear deal.

No doubt, you also know that the President is presiding over the strongest economy in decades, including seeing the unemployment rate sink to the lowest point many of us have ever seen. Under President Trump, drug prices actually went down last year — a feat that hasn’t been accomplished in 50 years. Donald Trump is putting Americans first, and it shows!

We know how great the President has been, but 2020 is the most important election in a lifetime. If Democrats succeed in 2020, they will turn their backs on Israel and ruin our booming economy. We need your help to prevent this.

We have already seen top Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg demonize Israel and undercut its democratically elected government. Joe Biden is on the campaign trail telling anyone who will listen that he will raise our taxes. The Democratic base has been overrun by the anti-Israel far-left, and the 2020 candidates have swallowed their agenda hook, line, and sinker.

We are making it as easy as possible for you to support the President, while also showing your support for everything the Republican Jewish Coalition represents. Donate through this portal, and your donation will go directly to the President’s campaign. He will know that you made the donation and that it went through the RJC PAC portal.

If you care about our country, if you care about the economy, and if you care about Israel, you must do everything you can to help reelect President Trump. Can we count on you to give today?



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