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The RJC’s number one priority in 2018 is to maintain our GOP majorities in Congress. To do that, we are utilizing the RJC-PAC like we’ve never done before. In addition to making sure our PAC is fully funded, we’ve created a vehicle for RJC members to give directly to the most important House and Senate races.


Not only do Republicans want to raise more money than ever, but we need to. Historically, a president’s party loses a significant number of seats in the first election after coming into office.


And, once again, the stakes are raised because of J Street’s commitment to attacking Republicans who support a pro-Israel and anti-Iran agenda. The RJC has a track record of going head-to-head with J Street in the most critical races each election and winning. We hope you will help us do that again this year!



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    Your contribution will benefit Dean Heller, Barbara Comstock, and 15 others.
    (Click here for details or to edit allocation)
    Dean Heller
    548193 10151359433201280 68755958 n
    Barbara Comstock
    VA - 10
    1519805277905 600x600
    Young Kim
    CA - 39
    577493 10150742527517918 296923767 n
    Leonard Lance
    NJ - 07
    532193 10150725633399686 325094955 n
    Keith Rothfus
    PA - 17
    23231222 699066196952076 3532943011323122310 n
    Mike Braun
    20901461 10154837501646526 8816698708973796319 o
    Kevin Cramer
    North Dakota
    28097997299 b56fa0ee4c o
    Patrick Morrisey
    West Virginia
    22528451 1927934417220168 2795347789277543745 n
    Peter Roskam
    IL - 06
    10418519 302706226568642 7844202666978269758 n
    Carlos Curbelo
    FL -26
    Lena Epstein
    MI - 11
    Tom MacArthur
    NJ - 03
    Mimi Walters
    CA - 45
    Erik Paulsen
    MN - 03
    Ted Cruz
    Rick Scott
    Josh Hawley
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