The RJC’s priorities in 2020 are to reelect President Trump, keep our Senate majority, and win back the House. To do that, we are utilizing the RJC-PAC just like we did in 2018, raising over $350,000 for pro-Israel Republican candidates. We are proud to help RJC members give directly to the most important federal candidates in 2020.


J Street is committed to attacking Republicans who support a pro-Israel and anti-Iran agenda. The RJC has a track record of going head-to-head with J Street in the most critical races each election and winning. We hope you will help us do that again this year!



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    Your contribution will benefit Martha McSally, Cory Gardner, and 10 others.
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    Martha McSally


    Rr1 8779
    Cory Gardner


    Rr1 9097
    Joni Ernst


    Susan Collins


    Thom Tillis

    North Carolina

    Graham h27a0357gil lavi
    Lindsey Graham

    South Carolina

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    David Perdue


    Picture 10
    Brian Fitzpatrick

    PA - 1

    Cp4 9611 zeldin
    Lee Zeldin

    NY - 1

    Mitch McConnell
    Mitch McConnell
    Img 20191117 152152
    Elise Stefanik
    Kustoffsept2016 2 2
    David Kustoff


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